About Me

Hi my name is Gwendolyn, but everyone calls me Gwen. I first got interested in fashion clothing when I was 14. I had a project in home ec to make an outfit. So I brought it home my mother bought me a pattern and I made the outfit, but I didn’t get credit for it because it was done at home. But I didn’t fret about it.

I began taking things apart to see how they were put together. I then got married at the age of 17, moved to Germany, then to Texas where I met a nice Korean lady named Maria who took me in her shop and showed me how to mass produce clothing. When I moved back to New York I had various jobs sewing. Then I decided I can do this on my own.

One of the obstacles I faced making clothes for people was, when they got it they didn’t like how it looked on them. Then in 2001 I had the idea of, I wished they could see it on themselves before any work was done on it. Then suddenly it popped in my head, the name Virtual Fashion Imaging. At the time that was not a big reality. It was out there but not in the United States.┬áBut now in 2017 it is.

So in the near future I will be adding that feature to my site which is called today Virtual dressing room or Virtual fitting room. I purchased the name Virtual Fashion Imaging in 2008 so no one could claim it and made it a corporation but the technology was not out then like it is now. So finally my goal for my original name can be manifested. So this site will have a new feature of the Virtual fitting room in the very near future, and I’ll probably change the of this website.